Over the Garden Wall

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Over the Garden Wall
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Miniseries (Animation)
Universe: Aberdale Universe

Over the Garden Wall is an American animated television miniseries.


Miniseries (Animation)

Entity Direction Type Description Canonicity Media
Clarence To Shared Entity The city that the main characters of Over the Garden Wall live in is Clarence's hometown of Aberdale. While there is a difference with a hospital being in place of one of the buildings, this is not too unfeasible considering the time gap between series (Over the Garden Wall takes place in the 1980s while Clarence takes place in the present day). Sam King, a revisionist on Clarence, later confirmed[1] this connection as being intentional and also said that there wasn't a Cartoon Network wide universe from what they could tell. This is understandable seeing as they have only been there since Clarence and likely haven't seen the dozens of connections and crossovers in Cartoon Network shows that came beforehand. _ Tumblr inline nlu0hn5vGr1smgg3w 1280.png
Clarence From Cameo In an episode, silhouettes resembling Wirt and Greg can be seen in the background. _, unless there's different timelines that make it impossible without time travel or something similar. Hqdefault.jpg