Rex the Runt

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Rex the Runt
Rex the runt logo.jpg
Short Film/TV Series (Animation)
Universe: Aardmaniverse

Rex the Runt is a British live action stop motion animated claymation comedy series with three short films and a television series.

  • Ident
  • {Unaired Short #1}
  • {Unaired Short #2}
  • Rex the Runt


Film (Animation)

Entity Direction Type Description Canonicity Media
Shaun the Sheep From Cameo In Shaun the Sheep Movie, Vince can be seen on a Polaroid as one of the captured animals. _ Vince and feathers circled.jpg

TV Series (Animation)

Entity Direction Type Description Canonicity Media
Wallace and Gromit To Cameo In the episode "Adventures on Telly Part I", the window cleaner the main characters suspect to be a burglar is Wallace, perhaps referencing his occupation as a window cleaner in A Close Shave. Bad Bob takes evasive action and pushes him off of the ladder, believing to have put him at bay[1]. _ Wog2.png
Wallace and Gromit Reference In the episode "Johnny Savaloy's Undoing", jars labelled as having essences of Wallace and Gromit can be seen[2]. Wog.png
Pib and Pog Cameo In the episode "The Trials of Wendy", Pib and Pog are visible within the audience. Pibpob2.png
In the episode "Stinky's Search for a Star", the same thing happens[3]. Pibpob.png