Samurai Jack

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Samurai Jack
TV Series (Animation)
Universe: ?

Samurai Jack is an American animated television series.


TV Series (Animation)

Entity Direction Type Description Canonicity Media
The Powerpuff Girls To Reference In the second episode, there is a Townsville reference with the same Talking Dog mascot. Non-Canon[1][2][3][4] 5912ace00234d37d855c7d8a19f2f687.jpgSamurai Jack Townsville 2.JPG
2 Stupid Dogs Cameo In the second episode, The Big Dog can be seen. _ BigDog.jpg
Dexter's Laboratory In the episode "Jack versus Mad Jack", Huntor from Dial M for Monkey makes an appearance. Hunt.png
The Quick Draw McGraw Show In the episode "The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful", Quick Draw McGraw and Baba Looey make an appearance. Quickdraw-samurai.jpg