Uncle Grandpa

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Uncle Grandpa
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TV Series (Animation)
Universe: Browngardt Universe

Uncle Grandpa is an American animated television series.


TV Series (Animation)

Entity Direction Type Description Canonicity Media
Secret Mountain Fort Awesome With Crossover The then-pilot and series crossover in the episode "Secret Mountain Uncle Grandpa". _
To Cameo In an Uncle Grandpa episode, Festro can be seen.
Secret Mountain Fort Awesome In an Uncle Grandpa episode, the Disgustoids can be seen in a yearbook.
Steven Universe With Crossover The two series crossover in the episode "Say Uncle". Non-Canon[1][2]
Wacky Races To Cameo In the Uncle Grandpa episode "Uncle Grandpa Retires", Dastardly and Muttley appear. _ Gowizardguychortlechortlechortle.png